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95276 50100
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To operate as a world – class heart hospital, incorporating the latest technological advances and ethical practices to provide quality heart care at reasonable cost.
The hospital was started to set a benchmark in quality care, ethical practice, reasonable costs and training for those in the profession.
Meals, bedding and clothing, all rooms are provided with telephone facilities, patient counseling, 24 - hour pharmacy shop.

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Plot no. 3/5, Laxmi Nagar,
Patil Lane No. 1, Near K. B. H. Vidyalaya,
Opp. Vasant Market, Canada Corner,
Nashik-422005, (MH) India

Tel. : 0253 - 2316200 / 1 / 3 / 4
Fax. : 0253 - 2316203
Email : magnumheartinstitute@gmail.com


Billing assistance is given to the patients at every stage of their stay in the hospital. A billing counseling is done immediately after the admission. Two types of bills are generated in the hospital viz:
  • Interim Bill: Interim Bills are usually generated every alternate day. The interim bills will give you an idea on the hospital expenditure as on that day and the amount outstanding in your account, if any. In case of outstanding you will be required to settle the same within one day. The bill will be sent to your room. You can contact the billing department if you require any clarifications on the bill details.
  • Final Bill: At the time of discharge, the final bill will be generated. This will consider all the interim bills and the reservation deposit paid. Please note that the advance deposit can be adjusted only against the final bill and not against the interim bills. In case, you are discharged on a Sunday Holiday / non-office hours, you can collect your final bill on the next working day. We will be taking an approximate bill amount plus a security amount as deposit before discharge, which will be considered at the time of final bill.
The refunds are made by cheque only and in the patient's name. They are processed within 7 days of discharge can be sent by courier if required.

Bed Transfer

At times a patient may require a transfer from his ward; either from a higher class to a lower class or vice versa. in case of bed transfers the charges are applicable are of the new class from the day of transfer.

In case a patient requires transfer from a higher class to a lower class, he will require the approval of the Medical Social Worker. Please note that no patient shall be downgraded while in the ICU.

Transfer of a patient from a lower to a higher class, will depend on the patient / relatives request for the same and the availability of the wards in the specified class.