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To operate as a world – class heart hospital, incorporating the latest technological advances and ethical practices to provide quality heart care at reasonable cost.
The hospital was started to set a benchmark in quality care, ethical practice, reasonable costs and training for those in the profession.
Meals, bedding and clothing, all rooms are provided with telephone facilities, patient counseling, 24 - hour pharmacy shop.

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Patil Lane No. 1, Near K. B. H. Vidyalaya,
Opp. Vasant Market, Canada Corner,
Nashik-422005, (MH) India

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Department of Neurology


Welcome to the Department of Clinical Neurology at Magnum Heart Institute. The Department of Clinical Neurology has two distinct but interacting roles. Firstly, with other departments in the University of Oxford, it is committed to the development of research programs that improve understanding of the nervous system in health and disease. Secondly, it has responsibility in the Division of Medical Sciences for teaching clinical neurology to medical students and trainee neurologists.

Research in the Department is multidisciplinary, ranging from genes and molecules through to systems and epidemiological neuroscience, and is undertaken into many of the major neurological disorders which are significant causes of disability and death. These include stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and other immune-mediated or degenerative neurological disorders.

The recent move to new high quality research and clinical facilities in the Magnum Heart Institute, alongside the Department's world-class Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB), provides an ideal opportunity to translate our neurological research from bench to bedside. We are developing a highly integrated and interdisciplinary environment in which research, teaching, clinical training and clinical care interact. This should enable us to establish new approaches to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. To this end the Department fosters collaborations worldwide and warmly welcomes visiting scientists, clinical fellows and students.

Department of Neurology

Sr.No. Equipment Make Special Features No of Equipments
01 EEG RMS 01
02 EMG Schiller 01
03 NCV RMS 01
04 PFT RMS 01